MOZA Racing R5 Bundle: A Comprehensive Review for Sim Racers


MOZA Racing has quickly become a recognized name in the sim racing community since its debut in September 2021. Notably, they offer a comprehensive product line that caters to both new and experienced sim racers. Moreover, their extensive range includes essential components like pedals and wheelbases, as well as peripherals such as shifters and handbrakes, all seamlessly integrated into their ecosystem.

The Complete MOZA Racing Ecosystem

After reviewing the HGP Shifter and HBP Handbrake from MOZA Racing, we received a complete bundle this time. We are honored to review the MOZA Racing R5 bundle. Additionally, we received the SR-P Lite Clutch Pedal and the Performance Kit for the brake pedal.

What’s in the MOZA Racing R5 Bundle?

The MOZA Racing R5 Bundle includes:

  • Wheelbase: The heart of any sim racing setup, the wheelbase in the R5 bundle offers precision and smooth performance.
  • Steering Wheel: Ergonomically designed, providing a realistic feel and responsive feedback.
  • Pedals: Including both the accelerator and brake pedals, built for durability and realistic pressure sensitivity.

The bundle provides a cohesive and integrated racing experience, designed to offer both realism and performance.

Additional Components

  • SR-P Lite Clutch Pedal: Priced at €44.00, this clutch pedal is an excellent addition for those looking to enhance their manual driving simulation. It integrates seamlessly with the rest of the MOZA setup, ensuring consistent performance and feel.
  • Performance Kit for R5 Bundle: Available for €31.90, this kit upgrades the brake pedal, providing enhanced feedback and a more realistic braking experience.


he MOZA Racing R5 bundle is available in their webshop for €639.00. The SR-P Clutch Pedal costs €44.00, and the Performance Kit upgrade is €31.90. Prices exclude VAT and shipping, which vary by country.

Our Experience

Setting up the MOZA Racing R5 bundle was straightforward, thanks to the clear instructions and well-designed components. The wheelbase and pedals were easy to install and calibrate, allowing us to get into the action quickly. The performance on the track was impressive, with responsive feedback and a robust build quality that instills confidence during intense racing sessions.

Conclusion MOZA Racing has once again proven why they are a respected name in the sim racing community. The R5 bundle, along with the SR-P Lite Clutch Pedal and the Performance Kit, offers a comprehensive and immersive racing experience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned sim racer, the MOZA Racing ecosystem provides everything you need to elevate your racing game.

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