Thermaltake GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit | GSC-R50-CPASBB-01

Model: GR500
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The Thermaltake GR500 is a comprehensive racing simulator cockpit designed for a professional and immersive gaming environment. The frame is made from a sturdy aluminum profile and steel structure, providing superior rigidity and stability. To pursue a more realistic racing experience, the seats adopt a racing-like fiberglass bucket design and provides glides to slide the seat forward & back, as well as recline adjustments for ideal driving position over long gaming hours.


Professional Racing Experience

Thermaltake GR500 is designed for passionate racing enthusiasts who enjoy the excitement of the track. We are committed to recreating the authentic feeling of racing and redefining your gaming environment from then on. You will see an unprecedented dimension of simulated racing, subverting your previous experience.

Experience Immersive VR Racing

GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit can transform your room into any race track in the world. Paired with Meta Quest 3, it breaks the boundary between gaming and reality, allowing you to indulge in an otherworldly VR racing experience.

Best Seat to Start Your Race

To pursue a more realistic racing experience, the seats are made with fiberglass and adopt a racing-like bucket design. They provide glides for forward & backward movement, as well as recline adjustments for ideal driving position over long gaming hours.

Tough & Sturdy

The GR500 is equipped with a sturdy aluminum profile and steel structure, offering exceptional rigidity and stability for a long-hour gaming environment.

Keep It Cool, Keep it Sleek

GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit comes with a RGB Lighting Strip. Take it a step further and choose between 2 modes (Normal mode / Rhythm Pickup mode) and 20 different lighting effect settings.

Customize Your Cockpit

Compatible with most wheels, gear shifters and pedals including Logitech, Fanatec,Thrustmaster and more. The wheel and pedal mount provide multiple angle adjustments to fit your most suitable driving posture. Also, based on personal preferences, the gear shifter mount can be installed on both the left and right sides.

DIMENSIONS 600x1320x1100mm (23.6"x51.9"x43.3")
WEIGHT CAPACITY 120kg (264lbs)
FRAME TYPE Fixed Frame
MATERIAL Aluminum Alloy / Reinforced steel
FRAME SURFACE FINISH Powder Coating,Sand-blasted Aluminum Anodic Oxidation
FRAME COLOR Oxide black & Fine Texture Black
SEAT TYPE Fiberglass Bucket Seat with Cotton Fabric Cover
SEAT WIDTH 460mm (18.1")
SEAT HEIGHT RANGE 25mm (0.98")
PEDAL PANEL TILT RANGE 0°/7.5°/15°/25°
RGB LED LIGHTING STRIP 16.8 million colors (20 lighting modes)


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